Interior design

Design and construction of interiors (houses,
offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, retail stores
and business premises).

Creating harmony among the style, colour,
shape and material of the elements, furnishings
and additional objects in the interiors.

Design and construction of decorative interior
elements, custom mobile and built-in furniture, ornaments and lights.



Creation of the internal image in houses, villas, resorts or even offices that are either already structurally completed or to be renovated.

Interior design consultancy including the
selection of carpets, upholstery, wall colours, pictures and curtains.


Visual presentation / Design

We work with 3D graphics softwares and applications, combining the possibilities of traditional design and cutting-edge technology.

Depending on the needs of our customers,
photorealistic visual presentation and
detailed construction plan are prepared.

How do we work?

  1. Contact us


    The easiest way to contact us is using the contact page.

  2. First meeting


    We get to know one another and talk.
    During the first conversation I would like you to tell us about your needs, wishes, life, habits...

  3. Quote


    Then you get a personal quote taking your individual needs into account.

  4. Visual presentations


    If you accept the quote, we prepare the first visual presentations.
    We continue to refine them until they receive the final status.

  5. Final visual presentations


    The final visual presentations display the revetments,
    wallpapers, fabrics and objects that will be built or placed in the designed premises.

  6. Engineering plans


    Engineering plans are prepared. If necessary, they are comprehensive implementation plans.
    Thus, the professionals can create the exact same space as seen on the visual presentations.

  7. Budget


    It includes costs incurring during construction.
    If required, we recommend reliable professionals and indicate their quotes.

  8. Implementation


    The entire process of implementation is monitored. We help with orders and coordinate
    the work of the professionals taking care of the implementation.

  9. Handover


    The completed building or premise is handed over.

  10. Final touches


    Placing the elements that make your home a cozy place:
    carpets, decorative objects, paintings on the walls, cushions, etc. ...

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